With Me, What You See Is What You Get!

I work with my clients one on one, and when you call, I will answer – not my assistant, not another junior realtor - you get me. I believe your success is the only option, because I know your success is how I build my success. The majority of my business is referrals from clients who have trust in me and have witnessed the quality of representation I offer.


Since the beginning of my real estate career in 2003, in addition to being a Silicon Valley native, I continue to use my experience and knowledge to pursue properties that offer my clients both short term and long term potential; a property that will provide as an ideal home AND an investment into your life long portfolio. And, if building or remodeling a home is your dream, I will help you understand what the market will bear for resale in that neighborhood as well as the expected long-term trends. With personal experience in remodels and rebuilds, I understand the reality of where, what, and how to maximize your money.

“Her knowledge, energy and passion made the entire process smooth, low stress and enjoyable. She anticipated our challenges, was ready with “spot-on” guidance and led the path to resolution.” - Peter & Laetitia, Buyers


Choosing a realtor is a very personal decision. You are essentially trusting someone with what is likely the largest investment of your life: Your Home. Trust is the key to a successful purchase or sale. There are many obstacles that play a part in the sale process and you must have someone on your side that will always have your best interest at heart. I know from years of experience trust is the hardest thing to earn, but the best to win.

"We trust Elizabeth wholeheartedly and knew she was, and is, always looking out for our best interest.” - Chuck & John, Sellers


I have gained the reputation of being honest, analytical, and driven by the success of my clients. This type of career does not come easily or by mistake, but a lot of hard work, dedication, and loyalty toward my clients’ and business integrity.

“Elizabeth was by my side every step of the process…” - Toni, Seller, Atherton


Money is never left on the table. My goal is always to beat the latest comparable sale, and I have done this consistently throughout my career. My background prior to real estate is in account management/corporate sales. I have worked with clients from the State of California and Apple to Mom & Pop businesses. I am a certified corporate trainer in Negotiations, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Most of all, I have no problem pushing the limit to ensure my clients receive the best possible offer. I have found the key to successful negotiations is to leverage my relationships with other realtors. You may ask what that means.. It means my reputation and dedication to my work has earned me respect and trust from the other realtors in the area.

“Less than a month after engaging Elizabeth Thompson as my Realtor, my house is sold! Multiple offers, and over asking!” - Stephanie, Seller


To me, quality is much more important than quantity. As a hyperlocal realtor, quality and trust is much more important than quantity; I don’t sell 100 homes a year because I don’t want to. My techniques are continuously successful – quality staging, quality marketing, and quality representation. I strongly believe an agent's marketing is a clear reflection of the agent's commitment to getting the absolute best price for their clients.


Now, to the gritty, tough side of me. While I believe that everything happens for a reason, know that I will absolutely go above and beyond whether you are purchasing your dream home or selling. No job is too big or too small - I do not shy away from a project. This saying rings true, “Mama didn’t raise no princess!” - from climbing 12 foot ladders to the roof, climbing monstrous oak trees to hang a picture perfect tree swing, joining the roof inspector on top of the house to understand an issue, getting on my hands and knees to clean grout, or squeezing into the crawlspace. While all those projects seem difficult, I find that getting hands on with my projects makes them that much more worthwhile. My team and I have an ongoing joke about prior to hitting the market I get very OCD and spot every.little.thing. But, I see through a buyer's eyes and try to make their experience special.

“Elizabeth knows that each home she sells is a reflection of her, and it's obvious in her commitment to each client…” - Michael, Seller, Mountain View